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Organic Brown Rice Onigiri (Vegan)

Organic Brown Rice Onigiri (Vegan)

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We use Organic Haenuki brown rice from Yamagata for this onigiri. We soak the rice for 24 hours prior to pressue cooking to achieve moist and gooey texture and to remove an unnessary toxin called phytic acid. It's beneficial to use organic brown rice for minimizing pesticides contained between the husks and grain as well. But most importantly, this brown rice is incredibly delicious, nothing you've ever tried before!

We'll rotate the filling for Organic Brown Onigiri. This week, the fillin is  edamame, carrot, shiitake in sesame oil. 

NOTE: Brown rice in general is rich in dietary fiber and it may be difficult for some people to digest. Please try to chew well each bite (recommended 30 chews each :-)).



organic brown rice Haenuki from Yamagata, carrot, edamame, shiitake, all natural shio kombu, sesame seeds, sesame oil


Fremont (4-6pm)

Address: 3518 Fremont Pl N Seattle, WA 98103
The pick-up counter is inside the restaurant called Dumpling Tzar. Please let the person at the counter know you are there to pick up from "Kozmo Kitchen". 

Parking: There is s 3-minute food pickup zone in front of the entrance on Fremont Place N. 

Haller Lake (6-6:30pm)
12541 Densmore Ave N Seattle WA 98133

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