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Shoyu Ramen Kit (for One or Two)
Shoyu Ramen Kit (for One or Two)

Shoyu Ramen Kit (for One or Two)

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Order Deadline: 8am on the pick-up day
Location: See below


Kozmo's Shoyu Ramen is back for the last time!

No additives, everything made from scratch except for ramen noodles (Yamachan Ramen), which you can order extra!

Ramen soup is chicken and pork based clear broth, low sodium but full of natural rich flavors from lots of vegetables and Japanese umami bombs (dried fish flakes, kombu, and shiitake). It's a classic Chuka soba (or some call "Tokyo Style) style ramen. 

Kozmo Shoyu Ramen Kit includes:

Yamachan ramen (fresh) - previously frozen so please do not re-freeze
Homemade ramen soup (chicken, pork, bonito, kombu, shiitake broth) - freezer friendly
Ajitama egg (soy marinated soft boiled egg) - not good to freeze
Homemade Nibuta (chashu pork) slices - freezer friendly
Homemade Pirikara Menma (spicy bamboo shoot pieces)
Blanched Fresh Spinach - freezer friendly
Green onion - freezer friendly
Nori sheets - freezer friendly

Cooking Instructions(below info is for two):
1. Have plenty water (approx. 4 -5 qt) in a deep pasta pot over high heat. Bring to a boil.
2. Transfer ramen soup into a medium sized sauce pan and heat over medium heat. 
3. Have 2 ramen bowls ready. 
4. Divide hot ramen soup into two bowls.
5. Cook ramen noodles for 1 minute (or 2 min. if you prefer softer texture), keeping stirring to avoid the noodles from sticking, and drain them through a colander in the sink. Give a good shake to the colander and remove excess water and divide the noodles into the two bowls filled with hot soup. 
6. Garnish with one egg each (cut in half if you like), cha-shu, green onion and nori sheets. 
7. Optional condiments are blanched greens (spinach included in the kit), ground white pepper, butter and chili oil.
8. Itadakimasu!

Pickup Locations and Time: 

Fremont (Pickup time: 4:30pm - 6pm)
12pm-2pm10/08 (Fri) to 10/10 (Sun) for lunch 
Address: 3518 Fremont Pl N Seattle, WA 98103
The pick-up counter is inside the restaurant called Dumpling Tzar. Please let the person at the counter know you are there to pick up from "Kozmo Kitchen". For the last-minute communication you can text me at 206-349-5680 (I can't check email often when working in the kitchen)

Parking: There is s 3-minute food pickup zone in front of the entrance on Fremont Place N. 

Haller Lake (5:30pm - 6:30pm)
12541 Densmore Ave N Seattle WA 98133

Delivery - zip code 98103, 98133

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