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2 Miso Dama (Add-on Only)

2 Miso Dama (Add-on Only)

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Do you sometimes crave a hearty miso soup and end up compromising with some sad looking (and tasting) instant soup? Well, suffer no more!

Miso dama(dama=ball) is a creative solution for your authentic miso soup needs. It's portable and freezes well. Essential ingredients for a miso soup is formed into a in a tiny ball. All you need is 7-8 oz. of hot water and cup or mug to instantly enjoy wonderful aroma of fresh miso soup. 

I am offering two Miso Dama balls with fresh aburaage (fried tofu), wakame and green onion as a trial version. 


Miso paste, grated bonito flakes, green onion, aburaage (fried tofu), wakame

Get these little balls for the perfect accompaniment to your bento, or freeze them for any craving in the future!