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Lunch: May 23(Wed) - Shrimp Tempura Onigiri

Lunch: May 23(Wed) - Shrimp Tempura Onigiri

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Order Deadline: Wed 05/23 8am
Location: Lunch delivered to the lobby/designated drop-off location between 11:15 and 12:00 (notification will be sent);


 Shrimp Tempura Onigiri (a la carte) $2.99 (delivery fee included)

Shrimp, flour, egg, soy sauce, nori, ten tsuyu, mayo


Onigiri (rice ball) is truly a Japanese soul food. It's a perfect finger food anytime, anywhere!  This is Ten musu, a rice ball delicacy in Nagoya area, but this is Kozmo Kitchen style!

Pick-up location:

F5 customers - the first floor at 351 Elliott Ave W 
Big Fish Games customers - the second floor

Nordstrom - outside the corporate office building on the 6th.