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Lunch: May 21(Mon) - May 23(Wed) - SPAM Musubi Deluxe

Lunch: May 21(Mon) - May 23(Wed) - SPAM Musubi Deluxe

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Order Deadline: Mon 05/21 8am
Location: Lunch delivered to the lobby/designated drop-off location between 11:15 and 12:00 (notification will be sent)


 SPAM Musubi Deluxe $4.49 (delivery fee included)


Kozmo Kitchen takes great pride in all our food made from scratch using fresh ingredients. 

However, there is one exception on our menu - SPAM musubi. It's been offered by popular demand as people crave it so much sometimes.

Our musubi is a deluxe version. Sauteed slices of SPAM seasoned in Huli Huli sauce is on top of pressed rice sandwich with takuan and furikake and wrapped in Nori. An ultimate guilty pleasure! Supplies are limited (and maybe this could be the last time I make it for a while).

Please specify in the Special Instructions on the checkout page when you want to have it delivered. 

Pick-up location:

F5 customers - the first floor at 351 Elliott Ave W 
Big Fish Games customers - the second floor

Nordstrom - outside the corporate office building on the 6th.