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Lunch - April 5 (Fri)<BR>Onigiri Bento With Cod Fry <BR>F5, PCC, BFG

Lunch - April 5 (Fri)
Onigiri Bento With Cod Fry

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Order Deadline: Thu 04/04/2019 11pm
Location: Delivered to lobby between 11:15 and 12:30(notification will be sent)


 Onigiri Bento with Cod Fry

$11.99 + $1 delivery fee


true cod, panko, flour, salad greens, tomato, potato, carrot, cucumber, egg, mayo, iburi gakko (smoked takuan pickles from Akita), nori, hijiki, edamame, wild salmon for filling, hakusai, mandarin


Onigiri is a Japanese soul food. It's a perfect finger food and ideal for your office lunch. This compact pack comes with two rice balls (1 wild salmon, 1 hijiki & asparagus), 1 cod fry, Aji Tama (soy flavored soft boiled egg), potato salad with Iburi gakko (smoked takuan pickles from my hometown Akita), and quick pickles. 


Pick-up location:

F5 customers - the first floor at 351 Elliott Ave W 

PCC - the kitchen on the 5th floor

Big Fish Games customers - the 6th floor