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Miso Kenchin Jiru with YOKA MISO (VG, GF)

Miso Kenchin Jiru with YOKA MISO (VG, GF)

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Hearty soup, loaded with root vegetables and tofu, with a hint of sesame oil. Usually our Kenchin Jiru is a clear soup with dry shiitake mushroom and kombu for the broth, but this time we're featuring YOKA MISO chickpea miso. Amazingly rich soup! And gluten free!


The first and only Seattle-Based Miso company. Woman-owned and family operated, we are dedicated at Yoka Miso to producing the highest quality miso paste in the PNW.

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YOKA MISO chickpea miso, carrot, yam cake, burdock root, baby taro, fried bead curd, tofu, sesame oil, kombu, green onion, daikon radish