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Yamagata New Crop Premium Rice

Yamagata New Crop Premium Rice

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Earlier this month, we proudly introduced a very special premium short grain rice, Tsuyahime and Yukiwakamaru. We got a lot of great feedback on the new varieties.

Now you can purchase the most popular TSUYAHIME (new crop) in a trial package. 

Also, we are introducing Kozmo Blend (new crop), partially refined with more nutrients and fiber preserved in the grain. 


Give a try to these wonderful varieties to celebrate the new year with loved ones!



Tsuya Hime (Yamagata)

Named the "Shining Princess", Tsuyahime grains are lustrous and beautifully cooked, and you can taste the sweetness with your first bite.  Over 10 years in development, a pleasant aroma and gorgeous finish are what makes Tsuyahime the flagship of Yamagata rice.



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