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Dinner: December 22 (Sat) - Holiday Bento Deluxe for Two

Dinner: December 22 (Sat) - Holiday Bento Deluxe for Two

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As the last meal service for 2018, I am offering this special bento for your family. 

A fancy bento box packed with Kozmo Kitchen favorites! It serves 2-3 people easily so can be a great party platter for your weekend home parties. The sample picture shown is for one person. 

$32 + tax

Order Deadline: 12/21(Fri) 11pm


Queen Anne (521 1st Ave N Seattle)- 4pm
Haller Lake (12541 Densmore Ave N Seattle) - 5-7pm

Menu (subject to change slighly):

Chicken Karaage
potato or pumpkin salad
Shrimp fry with tartar sauce
Hitokuch Katsu - bite-size pork cutlet 
Teriyaki hamburger - hamburger steak in teriyaki sauce
Eggplant Agebitashi - fried eggplant in dashi sauce
Vegetable Takiawase with homemade hiryozu (tofu cake)
Salmon Nanban - sweet & sour salmon and pepper
Black Cod Saikyo Yaki - broiled black cod marinated in sweet miso marinade
Tamagoyaki (rolled omelet)
Seasonal aemono - vegetabls in sesame dressing
Tsukemono (pickles) - either cucumber or hakusai pickles
Akita Otome Rice - premium quality rice topped with black sesame