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Hiyashi Chuka with Shio Koji Chicken or Ginger Tofu - GF available

Hiyashi Chuka with Shio Koji Chicken or Ginger Tofu - GF available

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Order Deadline: 8am on the pickup/delivery day
Location: See Below


In Japan, there’s nothing more seasonal than Hiyashi Chuka in the summertime. In fact, towards the end of Tsuyu (Japan’s rainy season), you start seeing banners flapping in front of local eateries that read ‘Hiyashi Chuka is now available.’  That means: ‘summer is here and if you don’t eat Hiyashi Chuka now it will be gone before you know it!’ This year we had a late start but we are just catching up with the summer!

Choose the protein from slow-cooked koji chicken breast and grilled ginger tofu, and pick a dressing. Both dressings are gluten free!

GF Amazu Dare Dressing (Sweet & Sour Soy dressing) with Asian mustard

GF Creamy Goma Dare Dressing

Gluten free noodles (brown rice ramen) are available (+ $1)


Ramen noodles (Yamachan ramen), egg, shio koji, chicken breast, cucumber, tomato, scallion, sesame seeds, tamari, rice vinegar, dashi, sugar, mirin, Japanese mustard, bean sprouts, shiitake, wakame, water melon

Pickup Locations and Time: 

Fremont (Pickup time: 4:30pm - 6pm)
Address: 3518 Fremont Pl N Seattle, WA 98103
The pick-up counter is inside the restaurant called Dumpling Tzar. Please let the person at the counter know you are there to pick up from "Kozmo Kitchen". For the last-minute communication you can text me at 206-349-5680 (I can't check email often when working in the kitchen)

Parking: There is s 5-minute food pickup zone in front of the entrance on Fremont Place N. 

Haller Lake (6pm - 6:45pm)
12541 Densmore Ave N Seattle WA 98133

Delivery - zip code 98103, 98133


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