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Doria (refregerated) - Shrimp or Chicken (serves 2-3)
Take'n Bake: Cheesy Chicken Doria (frozen) - Shop @ Kozmo Kitchen

Doria (refregerated) - Shrimp or Chicken (serves 2-3)

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Order Deadline: 8am of the pick-up day 
Location: Wallinforg, Haller Lake, Delivery (Seattle, Shoreline, Bellevue)


Doria is a delicious rice gratin--and the ultimate Japanese comfort food! This doria is chock-full of ingredients and brimming with flavor. Ketchup rice with peas, mushrooms, onion and chicken or shrimp, topped with homemade bechamel sauce, and 3 kinds of cheeses, (Mozzarella, Jack and Cheddar). This ultimate Japanese comfort food is a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table!

Cooking instructions: 

1. Keep the doria in fridge until you are ready to bake. If you don't cook for over 48 hours please move it to the freezer (then thaw it for 24 hours prior to baking).

2. Pre-heat oven to 400-425F. Remove the wrap and lid. Place the doria in the foil container on the middle rack in the oven. 

3. Bake for 35 to 45 minutes until the bechamel sauce starts bubbling on the surface and the cheese on top turns to light brown color. You might want to cover the top if cheese starts to brown too soon.

4. Transfer the container on a heat resistant plate or tray and to the table. 

6. Serve hot and enjoy the rich and creamy doria!



short grain rice, shrimp or chicken thigh, yellow onion, crimini mushrooms, green peas, ketchup, white wine, salt, pepper, soy sauce, butter, wheat flour, milk, cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar, Jack), parsley


No Contact Pickup Locations and Time: 

Wallingford (Pickup time: 3:00m - 5:30pm) - 10am to 11am on Nov 26th only
Address: 2202 N 45th Street, Seattle WA 98103
Note: The kitchen entrance is on the Bagley Ave N. 
Haller Lake (5:30pm - 6:30pm) - 11am to 12pm on Nov 26th only
12541 Densmore Ave N Seattle WA 98133
Seattle Delivery Areas (4:00-6: 00pm) - 10am to 11am on Nov 26th only
We will drop off the food outside your door.
Wallingford, Greenlake, Ravenna, Phinney Ridge/Greenwood, Fremont, Ballard, Maple Leaf, Lake City, Wedgwood, Shoreline
Bellevue Delivery (4:00-6:00pm) Nov 25th only!
Physical address should be Bellevue, WA
delivery fee: $15 for the minumum order $30