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Dinner -  June 30(Sat) - Karaage Chicken Bento

Dinner - June 30(Sat) - Karaage Chicken Bento

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Order Deadline: Sat 06/30/2018 8am
Location: Haller Lake (5:30-7pm) or Queen Anne Kitchen (4:00), Lumen/Expo 4:15-4:30pm)


Our top seller Karaage Bento is back! Enjoy crispy and tender fried chicken marinated in our signature ginger sauce. The bento comes with a variety of side dishes including eggplant agebitashi and tamagoyaki (rolled omelet), with hakusai asazuke quick pickles. Everything made from scratch! 

Pick-up/delivery location:

Haller Lake - 5:30-7pm pickup

Queen Anne (Kitchen)- 4pm (521 1st Ave N, Seattle) pickup

Queen Anne (Expo) - 4:15pm drop-off

Queen Anne (Lumen) - 4:15-4:30pm drop-off



Karaage Chicken Bento $14.99

chicken thigh, potato starch, rice flour, ginger, soy sauce, sake, mirin, asparagus, carrot, tofu, sesame seeds, and TBD