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Dinner : December 7 (Fri) - Gyu Don<BR>Queen Anne, Haller Lake

Dinner : December 7 (Fri) - Gyu Don
Queen Anne, Haller Lake

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Order Deadline: Thu 12/06 11pm
Location: Queen Anne Kitchen (521 First Ave N, Seattle), Haller Lake (12541 Densmore Ave N, Seattle)


Gyu Don



Sliced beef, onion, yam noodles, green onion, homemade organic gari ginger, sesame seeds, rice, daikon pickles


Gyu Don is another comfort food in Japan. Do you crave Yoshinoya gyu don sometimes? Unfortunately there's no yoshinoya in Seattle yet so in the meantime Kozmo Kitchen offers this satisfying beef bowl to you!

Pick-Up Window:

Queen Anne - 16:00-16:15 

Haller Lake - 17:30 - 19:00