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Dinner - April 6 (Sat)<BR>Salmon Teriyaki Bento<BR>Queen Anne, Haller Lake

Dinner - April 6 (Sat)
Salmon Teriyaki Bento
Queen Anne, Haller Lake

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Order Deadline: Fri 04/05/2019 11pm
Location: Queen Anne kitchen at 4pm; Haller Lake at 5:30 - 7pm


 Wild Salmon Teriyaki Bento $16.99


wild sockeye or coho salmon, potato starch, teriyaki sauce, egg, cabbage, cucumber carrot, TBD


Our homemade teriyaki sauce does not use any sugar so is less sweet so that you can enjoy the flavor of the wild salmon. The bento comes with 3 side dishes, a bento favorite tamagoyaki or ajitama,  and quick pickles. Everything made from scratch! We also use Sekka rice for all bentos.

Pick-up location:

Queen Anne (521 1st Ave N Seattle) - 4-4:15pm
Haller Lake (12541 Densmore Ave N Seattle) - 5:30-7pm