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Dinner - April 6 (Sat)<BR>Chicken Nanban Bento <BR>Haller Lake, Queen Anne

Dinner - April 6 (Sat)
Chicken Nanban Bento
Haller Lake, Queen Anne

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Order Deadline: Fri 04/05/2019 11pm
Location: Queen Anne kitchen at 4pm; Haller Lake at 5:30-7pm


 Chicken Nanban Bento



chicken thigh, potato starch, egg, onion, napa cabbage, TBD


Chicken Nanban originally is a local delicacy in Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu region, and it has become a national favorite at izakaya, restaurants, and bento takeouts. Fried chicken fritters coated in sweet and sour Nanban vinegar, usually garnished with tartar sauce, is so addictive that it will be your favorite soon! The bento comes with a few side dishes (TBD), tamago, and quick pickles. 

Pick-up locations and time:

Queen Anne kitchen (521 1st Ave N, Seattle) - 4pm - 4:15pm

Haller Lake (12541 Densmore Ave N, Seattle) - 5:30-7pm 

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