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Premium Onigiri Making Kit
Premium Onigiri Making Kit

Premium Onigiri Making Kit

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Earlier this month, we proudly introduced a very special premium short grain rice, Tsuyahime and Yukiwakamaru. We got a lot of great feedback on the new varieties.

To celebrate the delicious flavor of Yamagata and Kozmo's love for Onigiri, here is a perfect gift box for you and your loved one!


The holiday gift box includes:

3 cups New crop Tsuyahime  or Kozmo blend

Arashio (Japanese premium sea salt)

5 nori sheets

5 plastic onigiri wrappers (konbini style)

5 Kozmo labeling stickers

And, to add to the fun, why not turn your gift box into a complete culinary experience? We’ll be offering a live online class with Chef Kanako, so you and your loved ones can perfect your rice and onigiri making craft! Only $25 with a purchase of the gift box.


Tsuya Hime (Yamagata)

Named the "Shining Princess", Tsuyahime grains are lustrous and beautAifully cooked, and you can taste the sweetness with your first bite.  Over 10 years in development, a pleasant aroma and gorgeous finish are what makes Tsuyahime the flagship of Yamagata rice.


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The pick-up counter is inside the restaurant called Dumpling Tzar. Please let the person at the counter know you are there to pick up from "Kozmo Kitchen". 

Parking: There is s 3-minute food pickup zone in front of the entrance on Fremont Place N. 

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