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Flourless Okara Chocolate Cake Bite

Flourless Okara Chocolate Cake Bite

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Order Deadline: 8 am on the pick-up day


You would not notice there's okara (fiber rich soy pulp) in this decadent flourless chocolate cake bite. You get extra healthy dietary fiber by eating chocolate cake!

Better yet, you have a sugar-free version, where sugar is replaced by Monkfruit sweetener, which has zero calorie, zero carb and zero GI, wow!

Our okara is organic and made in-house. It's so creamy that you won't feel the cake grainy at all!

Give it a try to this incredibly satisfying delicious sweet bite!



Okara (soy pulp), sugar or monkfruit sweetener, egg, butter, milk, pure cocoa


Pickup Locations and Time: 

Fremont (Pickup time: 4:30pm - 6pm)
Address: 3518 Fremont Pl N Seattle, WA 98103
The pick-up counter is inside the restaurant called Dumpling Tzar. Please let the person at the counter know you are there to pick up from "Kozmo Kitchen". For the last-minute communication you can text me at 206-349-5680 (I can't check email often when working in the kitchen)

Parking: There is s 3-minute food pickup zone in front of the entrance on Fremont Place N. 

Haller Lake (5:30pm - 6:30pm)
12541 Densmore Ave N Seattle WA 98133

Delivery - zip code 98103, 98133

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